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River Oaks Pool Service

We Work. You Enjoy.

Welcome to River Oaks Pool Service

Currently serving Galt, Lodi and Woodbridge.

Customer service and water chemistry are our specialties. With the large number of swimming pool service companies in the area, there are many choices available for consumers. At River Oaks Pool Service, we believe that our unparalleled customer service sets us apart from the competition. We understand that every company's greatest asset is its customers.

Pool water chemistry is critical to the users' health as well as most aspects of how pool equipment functions and the condition of pool surfaces. Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your swimming pool is a year-round process. The balance can be affected by anything introduced into the water such as sunscreen, sweat, body oils, dirt, debris and even rain. We perform a chemical analysis of your swimming pool each time we come to your home and we supply all the necessary chemicals for your pool needs. Let River Oaks Pool Service provide you with the services that will keep your pool water safe and clean.

River Oaks Pool Service

600 N. Lincoln Way #1436

Galt, CA 95632

(209) 843-3052

[email protected]

Business License# 18-00010073